Terra Madre
     If you would like to order one of our instock urns, please make note of the item number before contacting us. Having this item number will ensure that you receive the exact urn that you are looking at.

     If you would like an urn but do not see the style and color combination that you want in our instock urns, please make note of the style and color you would like. We are more than happy to custom make your urn at no additional cost.

     Our current urn prices are:
           Utopia $368.00
           Santa Fe $460.00
           Valhalla $502.00
           Avalon $520.00

Email Purchases
     You may purchase an urn by sending us an email stating which urn item number or style and color you would like. You may purchase by personal check, just let us know in your email and send us a check through the postal mail service. Your order will be processed as soon as your personal check clears. You may also purchase with a credit card. If you do not want to send your credit card information in you email, please include your phone number in the email and we will call you for your credit card number.

Phone orders
     We will be happy to take your order over the telephone. Please have the urn item number or style and color you would like ready when you call. If you are in immediate need of an urn, we recommend that you call us with a credit card so that we can ensure that the urn of your choice is in stock.

     If you purchase with a credit card, we will remove the urn of your choice from our inventory at that time, ensuring that you will receive exactly what you want. We understand your needs and grief at this time and will be happy to help you if we can.

     All instock urns will ship the next day when purchased with a credit card or, if you ordered with a personal check, the day after your check clears.

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